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About Beaux Arts

Beaux Arts is a Pittsburgh based resource that sets out to make your city apartment search as easy as possible.  We know you are busy and what you are looking for in your next apartment; a beautiful, city space that is as detail oriented as you are with a coffee shop and restaurants in walking distance.  Our curated listing of units from across the city is updated daily to ensure the unit you find through us is ready and waiting for you.

   Brass Building Loft Kitchen with exposed brick  Bakery Living Blue's generous bedrooms

And our local expertise and network allow us to address your needs unlike any national service could ever do from giving you the scoop on the development in the area to detailed look at the transit in the vicinity.  Once you found your dream unit, in just a click, you can email or call the property partner directly to step up a viewing (and not to a third party inbox that gets checked once a week).

We also know what you are not looking for too.  The hunting and pecking of other sites wading through properties in far-flung suburbs.  Wasting your time with dated properties masquerading as premier city properties.  And carpeted living areas, old appliances and scary washer and dryers in the basement….no, no and definitely no.


Along the way, we also are sprinkling in news and conversation that excites us.  From apartment tours from Pittsburgh’s most design-driven residents to updates on hot, new restaurant openings, we are all about the best in city living.  So whether you are in the market for an apartment or not, make sure and pop over from time to time.  And thanks for visiting at Beaux Arts!