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Flats on Fifth Apartments in Uptown Pittsburgh

Perched high above the Monongahela River with sweeping views of Downtown and the South Side, Uptown has cemented itself as the city’s next neighborhood.  Located between the city’s two largest job centers (Oakland & Downtown), the stretch that was once just a cut through neighborhood is exploding with new development.  Plans for the neighborhood span the spectrum from a $200M bus rapid transit plan to a $500M+ investment by UPMC for a new vision hospital and research center to a cutting-edge green infrastructure plan.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Perks:

  • The Proximity. Head Downtown for a show. Or to Oakland for an afternoon at the museum. Or a quick grocery stop in the Hill District.  Or drinks in the South Side. Or down the street to a Penguins game.  They are all at your fingertips via a quick car ride (under five minutes) or on foot.
  • The Transit. With 61s and 71s coming every few minutes, you will have a hard time convincing your boss that you were late to work cause you missed your bus.  And that’s before the new bus rapid transit line that is in planning has even launched!  If biking is more your speed, there will soon be five bike share stations sprinkled through the neighborhood.
  • The Price Point.  The up-and-coming status has its benefits. That same two bedroom unit in Shadyside will run you a couple hundred more a month than your new spot in Uptown. So grab yourself a fancy six-pack from the newly opened Uptown Beer and drink to that.
  • The Future.  Uptown’s future is looking bright. Look for new apartments, bike lanes & green streetscape, restaurants and a new hospital to usher in a new generation for the sleepy stretch of Fifth and Forbes.

The Downside:

  • It’s Quiet: There aren’t buzzy restaurants and corner coffee shops in Uptown yet.  So if making your own coffee in the morning is a problem for you, then Uptown might not be the answer.
  • It can be Congested: Penguins game, concerts and rush hour traffic can have Fifth & Forbes pretty backed up.
  • A Lot is Still Vacant: While development is apparent throughout the neighborhood, there still are significant portions of Uptown that are waiting for development.