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The Foundry at 41st Bay4

Lawrenceville is Pittsburgh’s current neighborhood darling.  If you are opening a restaurant, boutique or coffeeshop; this neighborhood is usually at the top of this list for the location.   This means that Butler Street is packed with hipsters and young families alike flocking to the independent shops, breweries and restaurants from 35th St to 55th St.

The Perks:

  • The Dining Scene.  Lawrenceville checks all the boxes that you would need.  Pizza, burgers, tacos, charcuterie, french baked goods, vegan, ramen, mediterranean and more.  If you are craving it, there is probably someone in Lawrenceville making it. There are too many to list here so head over to Urbanist Guide for a complete rundown.
  • The Drinks.  From your morning latte to a swanky nightcap, there is not a storage of options.  Some of our favorites include Allegheny Wine Mixer, Constellation Coffee and Round Corner Cantina.
  • The Shops.  Independent and interesting shops still dominate Butler St making it the perfect destination for a Saturday stroll and shop.  Make sure to hit up Joan, Wildcard, Kinsman, Tollgate  Revival, Pavement and more.
  • The Buzz: See the bullets above.  It’s not surprising that big projects like The Foundry & Arsenal 201 are bringing over 500+ new units to Lawrenceville.  Everyone wants to live here.

The Downside:

  • Packed Transit & Traffic: There are two buslines (91 & 88) that service the neighborhood.  And they are packed during rush hour and tend to get gummed up in Butler St traffic.  Said traffic also makes biking less than pleasant during peak hours.
  • It’s Crowded: Its popularity means that your corner bar is patronized by everyone in the city and can be a little overwhelming on busy weekends.
  • Parking: Again, with being a cool kid comes problems. However, most new projects have garages planned onsite.