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Watch Party: Where To Catch the Pens Game

With the hope/dream/goal of the Pens returning to the Stanley Cup Finals and the weather increasingly amazing, we can’t think of watching tonight’s and any upcoming games anywhere but outside (or somewhere with the windows open!).  And no we aren’t talking pulling your friend’s tv into the backyard college-style.  Here is who is bringing the ice outdoors (or close to it):

x The BIG SCREEN at PPG Paints Arena.  Home games only and expect the already capacity crowds to bloom if we make it to the finals.  But do we really need to tell you this?

x City Works.  No matter if you are outside on the patio (which has its own set of tvs), in a booth by the window or even in the middle of Market Square, you can see the massive screens behind the bar.  Just know, you are going to have lots of friends joining you.   Playoff game crowds here have been crazy here.

x Brillobox. For those that looking for chiller vibe (though it’s still all about the game), brillobox rolls down their big screen with the sound on and the front garage door open for your viewing pleasure.

x Grist House. While the patio is open, you want to be on the porch or in the bar for the game where even the dogs are all fixed on the action.  And their rotating food trucks will fill any snacking needs!

x Bakery Living/Southside Works City Apartments/Morrow Park City Apartments/The Yards.  If you or one of your friends are lucky enough to live in one of these buildings then you can be watching the game in a courtyard with a big screen and the comforts of home.  Just make sure you are stocked up so there aren’t any mid-game beer runs.

the yards outdoor living room

x Biergarten at Hotel Monaco. Grab a pretzel, a beer, cheer, repeat.

x Urban Tap. Either location in Shadyside or South Side affords you a huge screen and crowd that isn’t peeling their eyes away from it.  Windows should be open at both location too.

x il Tetto.  Rooftop views, craft cocktails & beers and even heaters if it gets a little chilly.  We call that that the trifecta.   They also have TVs everywhere and sound on (which is crucial).

il tetto rooftop bar





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