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The Ultimate Pool Day at Your Apartment

We love Pittsburgh’s city pools (especially you, Highland Park), but there’s just something so luxurious about having a pool right in your backyard – or in the city dweller’s case, right in your apartment complex like Eastside Bond, The Foundry, Morrow Park and others. Waking up on a Saturday morning to meander downstairs, beach towel in tow, and sprawl out poolside on your outdoor teak furniture for the majority of the afternoon just makes summer all the more enjoyable for you and the lucky friends that you invite over for a swim.

We’ve waited all year for these 90-degree days, and we’re not about to start complaining about them any time soon! So, with that thought in mind, here are our plans for the perfect pool day at your apartment.

Arrive early and with a plan in place.

The only downside to having a pool at your apartment is that everyone else in your building also has a pool at their apartment. Not to worry, though; if you’re smart about securing your spot early, you’ll be able to carve out a place and beat the lunchtime rush. Isn’t waking up early easier to do when you know you’re heading to the pool rather than the office?

Pack a bag. Sure, it may just be downstairs, but we’re all about showing up to the pool prepared. Grab your favorite beach bag and stuff it full of the essentials: sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher!), a good book (the trashier the better for these types of lazy pool days), a beach towel (and maybe even an spare – you never know), your biggest sunglasses, and some warm weather snacks – but more on those later. If the pool is in your building, you could even bring down a towel rack like the ones that can be seen on
Easy Home Concepts. This will keep your towels dry for when you get out of the pool and you can also hang your beach bag on there too, saving it from getting wet.
Whip up a batch of cocktails.

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It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re spending the day outdoors, but it’s just as important to stay just a little bit buzzed. Since glass bottles are typically a no-no at public pools, we love the idea of whipping up a big batch of summery cocktails and popping them in Yeti tumblers to ensure an icey cold beverage for your afternoon. This recipe for rosé sangria blends two of our favorite summer drinks into one perfectly pink cocktail hybrid, while this recipe for Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sours is a non-traditional summer cocktail that brings whiskey down a notch for warmer weather.

Throw together some pool-appropriate snacks.

If you plan on making a day of it, you’ll need fuel to keep you going. That’s where pool-friendly snacks come in, and we’re not talking about bags of chips. We love the idea of setting out a little spread of tasty snacks to make your staycation feel even more like an island getaway, from a container of fresh fruit to some tortilla chips and homemade guacamole. If you’re feeling a bit more *extra* (or looking to make some new friends when they inevitably wander over to ask for a bite), you might also whip up some Bacon and Romaine Skewers with Bleu Cheese Dressing or Shrimp Cakes with Spicy Mayo. This also might mean an early wake up call for some prep time too but you will be the star of the pool for sure.

Go all out with a barbecue pool day combo.

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If you think that some small snacks just won’t cut it for your pool day, take advantage of the barbecue area. This is one amenity that many residents don’t take advantage of, but its definitely one of our favorites! Pop a spread of summer cookout classics like hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixings in the fridge and when you are ready to go, turn the grill on and sit back and watch as your pool party quickly gains momentum.

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