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The Perfect Porch & Window Plants for City Dwellers

You may keep your home well-stocked with plants all year long, but once spring in Pittsburgh comes back around, you might have the urge to take your green thumb outdoors a bit. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a yard in the city, you can still get your garden on by way of window boxes, balconies, porches and other urban outdoor nooks.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect plants for your outdoor space — whatever it may be — here are a few great greenery options that you can find at our favorite plant stores in the city.

Herb garden. For the avid home chef, there’s nothing better (or more fragrant) than having an outdoor herb garden to pick from whenever you need to spice up a meal. We’d recommend hitting Roxanne’s Dried Flowers, heading to the outdoor area out back and taking your pick from their selection of lush herbs. Take them home and plant them in pots or line them up in a window box for a way to quickly freshen up a meal.

via the Farmer’s Daughter

Florals galore. For a French pied a terre vibe, fill your porch or patio with romantic florals in vintage pots. The Farmer’s Daughter is always our favorite spot for flowers, as they have a selection of both bouquets and potted flowers perfect for adding some lush color to an urban oasis.

Classic cacti. For that laid-back Palm Springs vibe in the heat of Pittsburgh summer, we love the idea of a towering cactus in a corner or two. The newly opened Synthesis in Shadyside is your spot for all of your cactus needs; they specialize in cacti, succulents and other desert plants, as well as unique and high quality pots to house them in.

via Synthesis

Overgrown tropical oasis. Want to create sort of a jungle vibe on an otherwise bare balcony? City Grows always has a great selection of larger tropical plants and the sturdy pots you’ll need to really let them run wild. Choose from the larger-than-life Bird of Paradise to the trendy Monstera and everything in between.

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