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Swing Season Amenities for Those Early Spring Days

It’s finally spring, but in Pittsburgh, we know all too well how finicky the weather can be. Sunny and 65 one day, unexpected chill the next – how can you take advantage of the season when Mother Nature could throw a wrench into any outdoor plans whenever she likes?

We’re rounding up our favorite swing season amenities that aren’t quite outdoor pools and chaise lounges, but are a step above parkas and snow shovels. Here are some fun outdoor features at apartments around town that will make those transitional days a little more enjoyable.

Southside Works City Club Apartments

Hot tubs. While it’s not for everyone, we’re making a case for the good old fashioned hot tub on those chilly spring evenings. If you are interested in getting a hot tub for your own personal use, then make sure to check out something like this eco spa hot tub as well! Hot tubs are a fun, retro way to hang in water with a cocktail in hand, even when the season isn’t quite pool-ready just yet. Find hot tubs large enough for you and all your friends at buildings like Southside Works City Club Apartments and One on Centre.

Indoor pools. If you’re lucky enough to have access to an indoor pool (jealous!), then you really don’t have an off-season for swimming. If you make the move to Bakery Living, you can enjoy the pool all year long thanks to its building enclosure that features garage doors that can be opened on those random spring days in the high 70’s.

Bakery Living

Outdoor fireplaces. You might think of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces come autumn, but we’re big fans of them during those transitional spring months, as well. The Foundry at 41st has a particularly impressive outdoor fireplace surrounded by Adirondack chairs, and we think it would make the perfect hangout spot on a warm day that turns chilly once the sun sets.

The Yards exterior
The Yards

Grills. One of the best things about grilling out is that it’s particularly enjoyable on a colder day. Instead of looking ahead to those summer cookouts, start the season early with a dinner al fresco this spring (just make sure to bring a few blankets for your dinner guests). Add in a rooftop (looking at you Clark Building & Penn Garrison) and you really are cooking with fire.

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