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Meg in her Southside Works City Apartments Balcony

APT#: Meg’s Relaxing Riverfront Apartment

x Meg Hudec, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
x Neighborhood: South Side
x Hometown: Chambersburg
x Style: Refined Casual

In the city, it can seem difficult for a young professional to find an apartment that offers a relaxing location while still having the buzz of city life. But it seems like Southside Works City Apartments (SSWCA) have cracked that nut with their luxurious complex tucked away along a quiet stretch of riverfront in Southside Works.

And if you think the South Side is just $2 Miller Lite specials, think again.  Thousands of residents call the neighborhood for its wooded riverfront trail, avant-garde performances at City Theatre, fantastic Italian dinners at Stagioni and happy hours at Milk Shake Factory.


But we wanted to get the scoop from a resident and give us the real lowdown.   Which is how we found ourselves chatting with the ever so bubbly Meg, a current resident at SSWCA. An early adopter of the newer property, Meg moved in last June and graciously invited us in for a tour of her open floor plan one-bedroom apartment complete with the cutest house guest ever, Beau.

southside works city apartments living room

“I’ve lived in the South Side my whole time in Pittsburgh and I love it. As a student at Duquesne it was the place to live off-campus, and after graduation, I really didn’t want to look elsewhere,” said Meg, who spends most of her work day on the road. “My last place was with two of my closest guy friends and was so much fun but far from my apartment now…I will never go back to sharing a bathroom with boys.”

So we wanted to know…

What’s your favorite part of your neighborhood?

I love living along the riverfront. I have a beautiful view of the marina & river from my window and even the Cathedral in Oakland in the distance. In this amazing summer weather, you can find me sitting on my balcony doing work or running on the riverfront trail. I love how different/quiet it is from the stereotypical South Side action on Carson. I’m also a big fan of Big Dog Coffee only a couple blocks away.

Southside Works City Apartments Balcony

…and your favorite part of your apartment?

Definitely my kitchen area; when I toured the unit I fell for the all-white kitchen. I love cooking in it or spreading out with work at the huge island. And it’s always where my girlfriends and I tend to gravitate when we have wine nights! 

Meg in her Southside Works City Apartments Kitchen

…and favorite part of your building?

The outdoor area is beautiful. The fire pit, outdoor kitchen/bar, movie nights and cabanas almost make you feel like you’re living at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas. The party room is also awesome. I’ve rented it out a couple of times and it’s a cool space to host gatherings. And even though I don’t have a pet (cute little puppy Beau is just a houseguest for the week), I love seeing all the puppies that are around too!

SSW City Apt lounge

…so you’d recommend your building to friends?

Absolutely…honestly, I love my apartment. I can’t say enough positive things about it from the awesome built-ins and closet space to the friendliness of the staff. I seriously have thought of how I could raise a family here.  Or at least my own little Beau.

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