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So Why the Pineapple?

Our S/S’17 Beaux Arts cover is one of our favorites yet, a pineapple.  But that had people asking, what’s up with the pineapple.  Ok for starters…they are delicious.  I mean who doesn’t love a pineapple and all the delicious summer-y things they go in.   Pineapple curry at Pusadee’s Garden (in the garden of course). A tropical tiki cocktail from Hidden Harbor. A spicy black bean & pineapple quesadilla from Mad Mex.  All amazing.

But more than their tastiness, a pineapple long has been a symbol of hospitality.   There are many variations of the story from pirates staking a pineapple outside their house to note a safe journey home to the highly coveted and status-affirming colonial centerpiece.  But we like today’s pineapple’s symbolism of welcoming hospitality and friendliness.  Think of walking into a southern grandma’s house for lunch kind of friendliness.

That is what makes the pineapple the perfect cover for the coming months ahead.  With trees popping and flowers in bloom, the city has woken from an, albeit short & mild, winter nap and is ready to go.  It’s hard not to be chipper & social when the sun is shining, you are wearing your favorite tee shirt and surrounded by good people.  So embrace the pineapple spirit and get ready for a summer of pool parties with your neighbors, walks in the woods with your pup,  relaxing Sunday rooftop bbq’s with new &old friends, bike rides that turn into happy hours and more.  If you’ve been hibernating, its time to go get yourself a pineapple, invite some friends over and make a pina colada!


From rooftops with city views and saltwater pools to dog parks and bocce courts; we have you covered with an apartment built for summer living.


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