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Reasons an End of the Year Move Might be Your Best Move Yet

Does the idea of moving weeks before the end of the year seem a nightmare?  Before you write it off, hear us out.  From great prices to ushering in the New Year’s with a new outlook, we think December might be the best month to pack it up and make that move you’ve been thinking about for months — here’s why.

The Deals. Whether its reduced rent (like a free month’s worth) or other perks (like free parking for a year), the incentives are out there and WAY juicer than any other time of the year.  Check out our blog post about specials across town from a couple weeks back.

Clark Building Rooftop in Downtown Pittsburgh


The Ease of Scheduling. Need a dedicated elevator or loading dock at your new building at noon on a Saturday? Not a problem.  How about a Uhaul for the weekend?   There are plenty.  A couple college students to lug boxes and furniture?  They’re all done for the semester and broke from combating finals stress (read: drinking booze).

The Housewarming Party.  The housewarming party you throw between Christmas and New Years does double work as a catch up with out of town friends (plus, the finishes at your new apartment — like the ones at The Pennsylvanian — will make your East & West Coast friends jealous of both the looks and price). And with post-holiday sales in full swing, those housewarming gifts might be extra sweet.  The Pennsylvania - Updated Luxury Kitchens

The Fringe Benefits. It’s a new year and you’re ready to start it off right. Your resolution to workout more is made all the easier by heading downstairs to your new gym (and if you move into Schenley Apartments or Bakery Living, you probably have a nicer gym than anyone else in the city).  Or maybe your resolution is too cook at home more — with your swanky new kitchen at Eastside Bond, you’ll be whipping up feasts just like Ina.

Two story fitness center at Bakery Living Eastside Bond kitchen with stainless steel ENERGY STAR® appliances, select designer cabinetry, and stone countertops.

Rinse and Repeat. In a year or two when you’re looking for a change of scenery, look for the same reasons to pack up for your new apartment!

So yes, we get that a move amidst the holidays seems like it could be crazy, but we think the pros outweigh the cons.  And when it’s a gorgeous Saturday in June and your friends are moving, just tell them they can meet you poolside at The Foundry afterward.  You’ll be the one hanging with a cocktail in hand slightly smugly reminiscing about your December move!

The Foundry Pool & Courtyard in Lawrenceville


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