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Pitt x Healthy Ride: Free Bike Share for First Year College Students

Healthy Ride has helped city dwellers get around town in a fun, eco-friendly way since its inception and now they’re making their bikes even more accessible to some of the newest Pittsburgh residents, Pitt Freshman.

The bike share service recently announced their roll-out to provide free 30-minute bike share rides to all first year University of Pittsburgh students, and we’re all for it. Less cars on the streets, a healthy, environmentally conscious way of exploring the city, and a way to get out-of-town students out of the Oakland bubble and allow them to explore the rest of the city — what’s not to love?

During both fall and spring semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year, Healthy Ride will offer these free 30-minute rides as a pilot program through its Office of Sustainability. With the recent addition of new bike facilities and bike lane expansion throughout Oakland, it’s easier than ever for even the most newbie cyclist to get around; Healthy Ride aims to get even more students on bikes by making it affordable, accessible and fun.

If you’re a new Pitt student wanting to take advantage of Healthy Ride’s free bike share offering, simply stop in at any Healthy Ride station, grab a bike and hit the road! Now, if only it were that easy to get a table at the Hillman Library during finals week…

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