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Pair Your Summer Getaway With the Perfect Summer Bag

Just like every body is a beach body, every summer trip should be treated like a real vacation — no matter how small it may be. From a road trip to that cute Airbnb by a lake to a full blown, two-week European expedition, we’re big fans of any and all kinds of summer travel plans.

Whether you are driving off into the distance in a shiny new vehicle found in the new Hyundai inventory or you prefer to take to the roads in a campervan or RV, summer is all about spending time with family and friends in places that make you feel happy.

While we love planning our travel, we don’t love the whole packing dilemma. Whether you’re an over-packer who always brings things you couldn’t possibly need (dress shoes for a cabin retreat, anyone?) or an under-packer who always finds yourself without that essential rain coat or swimsuit, we’re of the mindset that packing smart can make or break your whole trip. With that thought in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate list of summer travel bags, suitcases and everything in between for whatever type of trip is on your agenda.

For the Impromptu Overnighter: The Weekender Bag by Moop

For those weekends (or weekdays — we won’t tell) when you just need to get out of town, toss a swimsuit, sunglasses and a trashy summer read into Moop’s aptly named The Weekender bag. The Pittsburgh-based brand creates water-resistant, waxed canvas bags in chic, utilitarian colors, and we love this one for its sturdy duffel handles, long shoulder straps and interior pockets for storing all your snacks and toiletries.

For the All-American Road Trip: A Duffel by Bradley Mountain

Planning a cross-country trek filled with off-the-beaten-path motels, sunsets over mountain tops and lots of late night swims? That calls for a duffel bag that’s just as classic as the American road trip. Head over to Kinsman in Lawrenceville to shop American-made canvas duffel bags by San Diego brand Bradley Mountain, complete with organic leather straps and copper rivets.

For the Classic Beach Week: The Duck Bag by Baggu

When it comes to stateside beach trip luggage, you have it easy: you’re likely traveling by car, you’re likely staying somewhere convenient, like one of these Surf City Rentals in Santa Cruz, CA, and you’re likely only packing light, breezy items. That makes packing a no-brainer and allows you to take any old suitcase. When it comes to transporting the essentials from house to beach, however, that’s when things start to get tricky — which is why we’re loving this Duck Bag by Baggu. It’s made out of a lightweight cotton canvas in your choice of summer-y prints, it has two different types of handles and it fits a bottle of rosé with ease.

For the Once-in-a-Lifetime European Voyage: The Large Suitcase by Away

You’ve spent months planning, saving and dreaming about this trip, so don’t take any risks when it comes to potential suitcase mishaps. Away makes tech-savvy, stylish suitcases that are fully loaded with everything you could possibly need for that 5 a.m. connecting flight, a long layover in Barcelona and living out of your suitcase for a few weeks in far-flung destinations.

For the Adventurous Expedition: The Farpoint 40 Travel Pack by Osprey

If you’re heading to see the geysers in Iceland or the rainforests in Costa Rica, you’ll need a bag that you can easily carry while it carries all of your belongings. This backpacker’s pack from Osprey is lightweight, converts from a backpack to a duffel with ease and has zippered pockets galore to keep all of your essentials safe while on the go.

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