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Move Over Uber — Here’s How We’re Getting Around This Summer

Is there a feeling worse than looking at your credit card after a busy weekend only to find you spent all the money on Uber and Lyft rides?  We equate the feeling to news of cavities or the dreaded ‘Can we talk?’ text message.  So, this summer we’re changing it up. With tons of great, new travel options, we’re committing to cutting the pricey rideshare cord for the summer in favor of utilizing these car alternatives.

Healthy Ride. It shouldn’t surprise you that our bike-share friends are first on our list, but it’s for good reason.  With an expansion poised to more than triple the system (from 50 stations to 175 stations) and 200 new bikes, chances are, if there isn’t a station close to you now, there will be soon! Say goodbye to that $8 trip from Downtown to Lawrenceville or South Side and hello to a 10-minute pedal on flat roads. For a full look at the planned expanded network to see where your closest station is, click here.

x (8) Three Mile Uber Rides: Minimum $57.50

x (8) Three Mile Healthy Rides: $12 with monthly membership

x Summer Savings (June-Aug): $136.50

Scoobi. This on-demand, dockless scooter service with 100 scooters planned to launch this June is most definitely going to be a constant on your Instagram feed for the next couple months — and rightfully so! The startup is one of the first to launch electric scooters (a competitor called Bird exists, but think electric Razor scooter rather than Vespa) and will bring European style scooters to PGH in numbers.  To jump on one, simply reserve online, pop open the trunk to grab a helmet and off you go. These environmentally conscious whips are made almost completely out of recyclable materials and feature a carbon footprint monitor and will have you zipping through city streets at a top speed of 30mph.

‘It’s about fun, efficiency and freedom-of-movement.’ – Scoobi CEO Mike Moran

Scoobis can be picked up and parked across designated zones, which initially will include Downtown and East End neighborhoods.  In terms of cost, it’s $5 for the first 20 minutes and $.20 every minute after that.

x (8) Three Mile Uber Rides: Minimum $57.50

x (8) Three Mile Scoobi Rides: $40

x Summer Savings (June-August): $52.50… and a street cred bonus for riding a scooter

Port Authority. In the past handful of years, Port Authority has made it exponentially easy for you to use their transit service, whether that’s a bus, the T and the incline: real-time tracking, Connect Cards loaded with passes or stored value, uniform pay-when-enter system. Yet, we all have a friend (and that friend might be you) that still has never used their system. So this summer, make it a goal to take that friend on the bus and show them how easy and efficient hopping a P1 is Downtown or a 71 in Squirrel Hill.  They might just be the next regular on your morning commute.

x (8) Three Mile Uber Rides: Minimum $57.50

x (8) Three Mile Port Authority Rides: $20

x Summer Savings (June-August): $112.50

Walking.  Gasp! Walking?!? But the hills! And the summer heat!  Yes, we understand all that, but just hear us out.  You don’t have to walk everywhere, but the walk can be part of the destination itself.  Catching a game at PNC Park? Stroll from Lawrenceville, crossing the 31st Bridge and walking along the river for a lovely and relaxing start to your evening.  And in the busy summer season, it’s a welcome 45-minute break for yourself or time to catch up with a friend.

x (8) Three Mile Uber Rides: Minimum $57.50

x (8) Three Mile Walk: Free and clear!

x Summer Savings (June-August): $172.50



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