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Stak Ceramics - Monmade Partner

Monmade Product Profile: Stak Ceramics

Husband-and-wife team Heather and Myles are the makers behind Pittsburgh’s Stak Ceramics. They’ve always done things a bit differently than other family-owned businesses, however; while many married couples venture into business together, Heather and Myles actually started working on ceramics together before they even began dating. Heather created a communal Pittsburgh ceramics studio back in 2011, and soon after, she was introduced to Myles by another friend in the ceramics world. The pair began traveling to craft shows together,  Heather selling her hand-thrown porcelain pieces and Myles selling his own slip cast sculptures and phone/tablet docks.

Somewhere along the way, Heather and Myles fell in love and decided to merge their two ceramics businesses into what is now known as Stak Ceramics. They worked from the basement of their home for the first year, creating dinnerware items, lamps, smartphone docks and much more. They soon outgrew the cramped home studio and began renting a studio space nearby, and they later moved to a multi-use industrial building in Homewood.

Wishing for cake and for sprinkles today. #stakceramics #eatcake #ipadstand

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