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Here’s Where to Shop Local for Your Apt’s Holiday Decor

With holiday parties and end of the year crunch, it can be hard to put energy (and $) towards decorating your apartment at the holidays.  While it’s easy to hit up a chain store for a bulk supply of ornaments, wrapping paper and stockings alike, shopping local for seasonal decorations ensures that you’ll keep those decorations as mementos for more than just one year making it all the easier next year. Here are just a few easy holiday ideas from our favorite Pittsburgh shops to have your apartment looking festive this holiday.

A Handmade Wreath : Roxanne’s Dried Flowers

There’s nothing more charming than coming home to a beautiful wreath on your front door — except, of course, coming home to one on every door and window in your apartment. Head over to Roxanne’s to pick one of the beauties from their line up today.  Pro tip, avoid any holiday adornments and stick with simple greens…that way you can keep your wreath up through February!  And since your wreath is dried, pop that babe in the closet for next year.  But if fresh wreaths are more your speed, head to Farmer’s Daughter or pick one up at any of the area Christmas tree markets.

Unique Tree Ornaments : Hot Haute Hot 

Sure, you can grab cheap tree ornaments just about anywhere this time of year, but those don’t have those all-important memories attached. Stop into Hot Haute Hot this holiday and your adorable new ornaments will always remind you of that cozy brunch at Smallman Galley and that afternoon spent strolling the Strip District.

Stand-Out-in-the-Crowd Wrapping Paper : Wildcard

Wildcard is normally one of those stores that you wander into without needing a thing, but end up leaving with something (or, okay, maybe a few things…) that you just couldn’t live without. Come holiday season, however, a trip to Wildcard for wrapping paper is not only okay, we think it may be a necessity.  Get proactive and proudly display your beautifully wrapped gifts early this year which do double duty as holiday decor. You’re welcome!

All the Eucalyptus Your Pinterest-Loving Heart Could Want : Trader Joe’s

Okay, so it’s not exactly a “local” shop, but we love TJ’s enough to call it our own. Stop in any day of the week to pick up bunches and bunches of fresh eucalyptus to scatter all over your home (we like it on the mantle, around a doorway, and even strung over the headboard of your bed).  And eucalyptus dries beautifully, so this one can stick around long after the holidays.

Revamped Bar Cart Essentials : Von Walter & Funk 

You might let your apartment’s bar cart slip a bit when you’re spending all your time sipping rosé outdoors in the summer, but come winter, it’s time to tighten up that ship. Just in time for that holiday cocktail party or cookie baking extravaganza, stock up on festive glassware, rose gold cocktail shakers, holiday-themed napkins and more at Von Walter & Funk.  Need some cocktail inspiration?  Head over to Urbanist for their rundown of how to stock your bar and four delightful cocktails!


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