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Get Away From the City With Tentrr

Camping is one of those things that often sounds better in theory than reality. The peaceful setting, the lack of modern amenities (and social media), and cooking over an open fire are the makings of a picturesque weekend off the grid, but unless you’re a pretty experienced camper with all of the right gear, these things can be a bit more difficult to execute than you might think.

If you’re the kind of aspirational camper who is cool with a few bugs and genuinely wants to sleep under the stars, but you just don’t have much experience with that kind of thing, Tentrr is the answer to all of your outdoorsy woes. This app connects newbie campers with private landowners who are willing to rent out a piece of their land for a few nights, and it even provides you with tents, fire pits, Adirondack chairs and just about everything else you could need for your campsite with no set-up required. Plus, you can add on all the amenities you like to make your experience even more luxe: prepared campfire dinners, French press coffee delivery in the morning and outdoor yoga are just a few of the offerings.

On the flip side, if you’re an experienced camper looking for a place a bit more remote than the standard campsite, Tentrr also might appeal to your sense of adventure and off-the-grid cravings. Many of these campsite are situated next to mountains with hiking trails you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, guided tours of locals-only climbing areas and natural attractions, and kayaking in area rivers for an additional add-on cost.

Ready to try out Tentrr for yourself? Here are a few of the notable campsites within a few hours of Pittsburgh.

Lucky Hill and Halfmoon Hollow
Curwensville, PA (2 hours away)

With 100 miles of mountain views in all directions and a tent nestled next to a scenic creek, this campsite is about as peaceful as it gets. There’s a private hiking trail that winds its way across the farm’s 36 acres, and the listing boasts the tranquility that you can only find from a place nowhere near any major roads. Add-ons include a gourmet campfire dinner with Starr Hill Wine, outdoor yoga classes and even a monologue writing class and performance around the fire. Before you head home, the owners also welcome visitors to pick wildflowers to take with you as souvenirs — what could be sweeter?

Dennis Allan Quarry Homestead 
Woodward, PA (3 hours away)

In the midst of Amish farm country, this campsite features gorgeous views of Penn’s Valley and world-class fishing with room for up to 14 people. While this site doesn’t have the modern activities and amenities of other Tentrr options nearby, it offers more rustic, outdoorsy activities like skeet shooting, mountain biking, canoeing and fishing. If you want to grill your own dinner, you can purchase grass-fed hamburger patties and raw milk cheeses from the Amish farm next door.

Liberty Hill Camp
Bendersville, PA (3 hours away)

For couples, this site is one of the best. It’s open only to five campers at a time, but that’s perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway with beautiful views and lots of peace and quiet. Micheaux State Forest surrounds the campsite and offers ample hiking trails, but you’ll find charming wineries and breweries in the area as well. The owners provide all the firewood you need for the wood grill and the fire pit, and you can even add on a sun shower for bathing outdoors.

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