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Evening Strolls From Our Favorite Buildings

The weather is cooling down and the sun is starting to set a bit earlier; it’s the perfect time of year for an evening stroll. Whether you live Downtown, in East End or in bustling Lawrenceville, here are a few inspiring routes from our favorite Pittsburgh buildings.

Eastside Bond

Make your way out your front door and stroll over to Highland Avenue, where you can do some people watching and scope out the dinner crowds (or the usual line outside of Millie’s). If you make it before closing time, pop into Adda Coffee & Tea House for a matcha latte or a Masala chai to sip while you stroll. Keep moving down South Highland’s tree-lined sidewalks and admire Shadyside’s classic architecture before you hit Fifth Avenue. Take a peek at the Chatham University Gate House, an 1861 bed and breakfast that is also the oldest home on Shadyside’s Millionaire’s Row. Make your way down Fifth Avenue and you’ll eventually reach Mellon Park. If you time it just right when sun is setting, you’ll get to experience the incredible light installation by Janet Zweig inside the walled garden. Take Shady Avenue home to explore new sights and a convenient Wine and Spirits store if you’re looking to pick up a bottle of red to cap off your evening.
(One way: 0.7 miles, 15 minutes)

The Foundry at 41st
Lawrenceville is great and all, but we think one of the biggest perks of The Foundry at 41st is the riverfront just a quick stroll away. Treat yourself to an epic sunset away from the crowds of Butler Street and head down toward the river to the short stretch of trail with a cute little beach. If you’re walking with your pup, you can’t miss the Bernard Dog Run, where you can lounge on a bench while your dog makes some new friends. If your crew consists of more humans than dogs, make your way across the 40th Street Bridge to meet up with the trail on the other side, enjoying river and city views as you cross. Once in Millvale, head over to Grist House for a celebratory local brew on their outdoor patio, or if you’re feeling hungry, head the opposite direction to the Millvale Riverfront Park for casual bites at the Pittsburgh Food Truck Park or newly opened Ducan Street Sandwich Shop. Reverse the walk on your way home, or if you’re a few beers deep, opt for an Uber instead.
(One way: 1.1 miles, 22 minutes) 

The Bradberry 

For architecture fans, there are few more inspiring walks in Pittsburgh than through the Mexican War Streets — and when you live at The Bradberry, it’s just outside your front door. In lieu of a true route, we’d recommend just winding your way up and down the residential streets, such as Federal Street, Jacksonia Street (where you can check out the beloved Randyland sculpture garden and the Mattress Factory), Sampsonia Way (where you can admire City of Asylum’s Burma House murals), and Buena Vista Street (where you can grab a coffee or a donut at Commonplace Coffee). While you’re walking, make sure to admire the historic 1800s style row homes and the numerous public gardens. If you’re still looking for more to see, keep on moving down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the equally charming Manchester Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
(One way: 1 mile, 21 minutes) 

The Residences at the Historic Alcoa Building 

If you’re lucky enough to live Downtown at the historic Alcoa Building, you’re likely used to taking scenic walks just about everywhere. On a long, lazy fall evening, we’d recommend getting outside of your usual downtown comfort zone and setting out toward the Strip District for some classic Pittsburgh views and maybe even dinner at a new favorite spot. Take William Penn Place to Liberty Avenue, making sure to check out the beautiful Pennsylvanian building, one of the country’s best examples of Beaux Arts (our namesake!) architecture. Turn down 14th Street and onto Penn Avenue for a walk through the heart of the Strip, maybe popping in to Gaucho Parilla Argentina for a bite along the way. If you’re feeling especially leisurely, stop for a local beer at the East End Brewery or a craft cocktail at the bar at Smallman Galley. Before you head home, turn left onto 23rd Street and head straight for the Strip District Trail, where you can watch the sunset from the Allegheny shoreline.
(One way: 1.3 miles, 26 minutes)

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