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Design Trends Featuring a Strip District Apartment

Design Trends: Out With the Old, In With the New

We hate to say it, but no matter how much time and effort you put into that statement wall or the plush carpet that you once loved, there are some design trends that just don’t stick. It’s true that good bones and smart, well-made furnishings will hold their own practically forever, but what do you do if you invested in a bold home décor decision that now makes you cringe?

Here are a few design trends that we once loved, but now we just can’t stand — and some stylish alternatives to replace them with so your apartment can look as good as Jamie & Jason’s Strip District loft (pictured above).

Chevron. Like many interior design trends, we probably have Pinterest to thank for this one. With its bold, graphic print and myriad of colorways, chevron seems like it should work; however, like with anything, too much is just too much.

Alternative: If you once loved the look of chevron but now find it overdone and even a bit tacky, try adding a patterned rug with a vintage Persian or geometric print.

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Chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint was once another Pinterest favorite, but we can’t help but think that it’s better suited to a kindergarten classroom than your stylish kitchen.

Alternative: If you love the idea of a customizable message board in a common area like the kitchen or hallway, try a letter board à la interior designer favorite Letterfolk.

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Mirrored Furniture. There’s no denying that this dresser or console trend adds a major dose of glamour, but we all know that it’s a thin line between glamorous and just plain tacky (and if we were forced to pick a side, we’d have to choose tacky for this one).

Alternative: If you just can’t help but love a bit of glitz in your décor, replace the mirrored furniture with an unexpected chandelier. You could also hit your favorite antique store for a vintage mirror that’s a whole lot more functional than a mirrored dresser.


Taxidermy. We get it: taxidermy is cool. It’s cool in your favorite dive bar, it’s cool in a vintage shop, it’s cool mounted above the fireplace at a rustic AirBnB in the mountains. This is one of those trends that only looks good if it’s done really, really well, and at this point, it just kind of bums us out to see an animal head staring at us while we’re at a dinner party.
Alternative: Maybe try something that’s equally as punchy, but you know, is alive.  Like a statement cactus or palm…or two…or a wall of plants.  I mean who doesn’t love plants?

Paris-Themed Objects. This seems like a trend that just won’t go away, and it just comes back on the shelves of Home Goods and Target year after year. From Eiffel Tower lamps to Paris skyline murals, we want to bid adieu to all Parisian décor pieces.

Alternative: Actual souvenirs from your actual travels! There’s something so timeless and charming about a shelf vignette filled with your own meaningful objects.

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