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Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays for Under $100 — Here’s How

You’re in the holiday spirit, but guess who isn’t? Your wallet. Between buying gifts for everyone on your list, planning holiday travel and all the other odds and ends that go along with holiday celebrations, you might be left with less cash than expected when it comes time to get your apartment looking its holiday best.

Luckily, we’ve figured out how to decorate your apartment for the holiday season—inside and out—for less than $100. Consider it our gift to you!

Trader Joe’s Evergreen Wreath – $9.99

This simple and elegant evergreen wreath from TJ’s is timeless, classic and just begging to be customized. Throw a festive bow in the center, add some poinsettias or leave it as-is for some minimal door decor that welcomes guests in style.

Target LED String Lights – $14.99
It’s just not the holidays without twinkly lights somewhere in your home, so whether you choose to put them on a tree or somewhere less traditional, we think that these classic white holiday lights will do the trick. Our suggestions? Wind them around a balcony railing, use them to trim a doorway (even better when paired with the aforementioned preserved cedar), or tuck them into your dinner party centerpiece.

The Farmer’s Daughter Taper Candle Gradient Set – $24

Instead of the usual red and green color scheme, we love the idea of an icy blue and lush green ombre effect with this set of six tapered candlesticks from The Farmer’s Daughter. Place them in any candlestick holders you already have, then scatter them throughout your apartment or line them up for a true gradient effect.

Von Walter and Funk Gift Wrap – $9.90 (two sheets)

Finally, grab some prettier-than-usual gift wrap to dress up your holiday shopping for friends and family. Von Walter and Funk always has some of our favorite paper goods, and their chic wrapping paper selection will only add to the festive feeling in your home. You might not think of your gifts as part of your decor, but wrap those babies up early and you can use them as part of your affordable decorating initiative!

If you’re a tree person…

Amazon 18-Inch Tabletop Tree – $16.99

Live trees are high maintenance, but you could dress up a tabletop tree in a modern way to make it just as beautiful. Order this little cutie from Amazon if you’re not exactly the type to go chop one down yourself.  But if you love that fresh pine scent, hit up Whole Foods for a live tabletop tree for $25.

Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Ornaments – $12.99

Head to Target for modern farm-style ornaments from the Magnolia collection. We think this set would be enough to decorate your whole mini tree!  If you want to invest more than that $100 level, we suggest PG&H & Old German Christmas which are Downtown or Roxanne’s and hot haute hot in the Strip.

Craft Twine – $3

Add a little pop of seasonal red without the hassle of tinsel by winding some craft twine around your tree. This $3 spool of twine is the perfect size.

Total: $91.86

Not a tree person? Try this instead…

Roxanne’s Dried Flowers Preserved Cedar (1 lb.) – $35

A pound of fragrant cedar greens go a long way when decorating a rental. Plus, because they’re preserved, they’ll maintain their color and gorgeous scent all season long. Toss them in a vase, drape them over a tablescape, or add them to a credenza with candles scattered throughout.

Total: $93.88

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