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Coming & Going: Your Fall Apartment Trend Forecast

When it comes to design, some things are undeniably classic and reliably evergreen β€” the Eames chair, white bedding and potted plants, for example. Like anything, though, there are always new trends in the design world that may seem quirky and fun at the start, but start to feel tired a little too quickly.

We’re all about decorating your space according to your own tastes rather than following the advice of some blog or magazine, but since we also love to talk design, we put together a list of the interior styles that we think are on their way out. Here are the trends that we think aren’t long for the design world (and what we’re hoping for next).

Tired trend: Faux minimalism. At its best, minimalism is a chic and practical way of living that not only looks great, but also makes it easy to live an organized and waste-free life. At its trendy worst, however… well, you’ve looked at Instagram.
The alternative: Eco-friendly quality over quantity. Instead of aspiring for minimalism as a design style, we’re hoping to see more and more city dwellers leaning toward truly eco-conscious living. This means reusable water bottles and grocery bags instead of kitchens cluttered with plastic; investment furniture pieces instead of cheaply made items that you’ll tire of in a year; even growing your own food on a patio garden and skipping the Postmates order (and its corresponding takeout containers).

Tired trend: Palo santo and sage bundles. While these cleansing essentials smell great and have certainly had their moment on design blogs, they’re more problematic than they are “vibey”. The South American trees used to create palo santo sticks are now endangered, and the demand for sage bundles threatens the populations of native White Sage. Yikes.
The alternative: Incense. For those simply looking to use things like sage and palo santo for their smells and their smoky ambiance, classic incense is a great alternative. Modern incense is a world away from the kind you burned in high school, too; we love PF Candles incense, and when paired with a chic burner from Schoolhouse Electric, it instantly elevates the mood of your home.

Tired trend: Graphic art prints. While we’re all about taking inspiration from motivational quotes, we’re getting pretty bored with seeing them all over the walls.
The alternative: Collage art. Whether you create your own collage a la elementary school art class or source something from a local artist (there are plenty!), we love the idea of a thoughtful, abstract collage in a beautiful frame. Looking for inspiration β€” and maybe even a local art buy? We suggest Pittsburgh collage artists Dave Watt and Stephen Knezovich.

Tired trend: Temporary wallpaper. We know, we know… we’re buzz kills for hating on this fun and renter-friendly design trend, so we’re just going to say it: temporary wallpaper was only really fun for a minute. IMO, There’s just something that feels juvenile and a little too kitschy about this overdone trend.
The alternative: hand-printed wallpaper. We certainly think that wallpaper has its place in design, but that place should come with a bit more thought behind it. Local wallpaper maker Clint Van Gemert creates hand-printed wallpaper that’s truly made to last through his company Printsburgh, and even if you have to hold off until you’re in a home of your own to use it, we think it’s worth the wait.

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