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#BurghBikes: Healthy Ride’s Call for Artists

Pittsburgh Artists!  Want to see your art speeding by on a Healthy Ride down a bike lane in town?  Well, we all know Darlene Harris doesn’t, but that has nothing to do with your art or our bike share system.  Launching July 7th, five unicorn bikes will hit the streets sporting designs from local artists.  And you can be one of those local artists!

Dubbed #BurghBikes, the bikes will be the first custom designed in the 500 (and growing) bike system.  While the concept hits the streets here for the first time, the concept isn’t new in other markets with the bar set high.  Our personal favorites are the Nike Sneaker bikes in Portland and the Gnarly rides in Minneapolis.   And while I love the Pens or Pirates as much as the next PGHer, what we don’t need is same black and gold that we’ve seen so many times.  Instead, let’s channel Warhol, Carson, Haring and others to bring a pop to city streets.


And while we understand that the creative process can’t be rushed, submissions for consideration will be due May 19th, so you need to hurry.  Maybe the $1,000 in award money awarded to the each of the five winners will help spur some speedy creativity.  Winners will be selected June 2 with a month to implement their custom design for the five bikes.  For full designs for the requirements and the submission process, click here.  Ok, got that all?  Great, now get to work on those designs!



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