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Bigger & Better: HealthyRide Bikeshare Tripling Size in 2018

Everyone has heard the phrase “doubling down,” but what about “tripling down”? Anyone who is able to just bypass doubling down and skip straight to tripling down must mean business, and that’s exactly what Healthy Ride is planning for 2018.

Since the launch of the Healthy Ride bike-share system, 500 bikes have been sprinkled at 50 stations throughout the city. But with only 50 stations, Healthy Ride had to prioritize the rider experience and usability, forcing them to pick neighborhoods to pilot while others waited for the next round of expansion — and that’s exactly what is in store for 2018.  Look for 175 stations and 700 bikes on the streets beginning this spring, with new neighborhoods including Highland Park, Homewood, Larimer, Squirrel Hill, and Station Square.  There will also be substantial increases in stations in existing neighborhoods; for example, Lawrenceville will get a bump from three stations to 14 stations.  The same pattern can be seen in South Side, Downtown, North Side, Oakland and Hill District/Uptown.

“We are building a better bike share program for Pittsburgh,” said David White, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Bike Share. “By creating more connections and connecting more neighborhoods to Healthy Ride, we’re reaching more people who need access to convenient, affordable transportation. We want bike share to be for everyone.” Healthy Ride is currently accepting feedback on the proposed expansion and engaging residents at local community meetings throughout the areas. Stay tuned for those dates in the coming weeks.

The news comes on the back of other exciting expansions of the system in 2017.  Healthy Ride partnered with Port Authority to allow riders to receive free 15-minute rides to another station after jumping off the bus (so for example, a 91 rider heading to PNC Park, instead of transferring to the T, can just grab a bike and zip over).  Same goes for you, T rider at Station Square; jump off and grab a bike to zip across Smithfield and catch some fresh air!


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