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A Case for the Apartment Patio: How to Set Up Your Tiny Porch

Whether you just have moved or you still are stumped with how to tackle your tiny porch, we are here to help. For many apartment dwellers, having only a tiny porch, patio or balcony presents some of the trickier design decisions in your home, but we’re here to make a case for these smaller outdoor living spaces. Here’s how you can get the most out of your apartment patio, no matter how compact it may be (and don’t you dare say it’s too late in the summer to bother, these spaces can be extensions of your apartment through late fall).

Brommö chairs by IKEA

Choose the right furniture. Instead of choosing the furniture, you think you should have on your porch or patio, choose the furniture that you’ll actually use. Visit a local furniture store (such as this store that sells outdoor furniture in myrtle beach) and look around to get some inspiration. If you aren’t big into entertaining, for example, you won’t likely use an outdoor dining table; instead, you might want to invest in a solo lounge chair or two that can fold up if needed. You could also invest in some polywood rockers to help you relax on the porch.

Fill it with plants. It’s definitely a running theme around here, but there’s not much we think can’t be improved with a bunch of greenery. Hit a local favorite like Synthesis or Roxanne’s Dried Flowers for some towering tropical palms, colorful florals or a nice cactus. Once the weather turns, bring them in for the season.

via Freshome

Use every part. Like much small space decorating, the key to maximizing your patio is to use every inch of floor and wall space. That means adding not only compact furniture pieces, but also building storage space up the walls with smart shelving, hanging plants from the ceiling, and investing in pieces that play double-duty, such as benches with interior storage.

Keep it simple. Another key to designing a small space is keeping things simple so as to not overwhelm the area. Add a functional rug in a fun print for some color or maybe add a mish mash of plants in fun pots, but keep the rest of your decor simple and streamlined.

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