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Pusadees Garden - Summer Stops in PGH

Urbanist Guide’s 17 Best Bites & Sips of Summer

At Urbanist, we aren’t a fan of listicles.  They all seem to be generic and feel a bit lazy.  But when it came to picking our favorite summer snacks and sips for Beaux Arts, we had to cut it off somewhere or you’d be reading a novel.  So 17 (our favorite number) seemed like as good a place as any to stop.  So here it is, from cold-pressed juice to the sloppiest and most delicious cheese fries known to man, our 17 best snacks and sips of summer 2017.

Hot fudge sundae with almonds from Page Dairy Mart.  They close for the cold so we pack in as many trips to this throwback stand as we can.

Bury us at @pagedairymart 🍨🍦🍧#summer #southside #thecityunfolds

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All the pizza at Iron Born.  Detriot was never on our radar for pizza…then we had the pizzas at this newly opened Smallman Galley outpost.  See you never Chicago, Detriot pizza all the way!

Shishito peppers at Dinette.  The star ingredient is grown on the roof and served grilled with chevre, fried almonds, olive oil and fleur de sal and has been a menu staple since they opened.

A baseball game hotdog at PNC Park.   No this isn’t some artisanal hot dog ravished with obscure toppings.  It’s just a steamed dog slathered in mustard, onions and ketchup (which my mom has always been grossed out by but we love Heinz that much).

Waiting for you…

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The garden veg & lox bagel from Pigeon Bagel.  We can stop complaining about how there is no where to get bagels in the city, these ladies are here to save the day.  Find them at the Market Square, Bloomfield and Squirrel Hill farmer’s markets.

Poke bowl from täkō.  This build your own bowl makes for the perfect al fresco lunch at the Downtown hot spot.

treat yourself to poké for lunch & kick start your weekend

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Picnic Chicken.  This is a technical term we reserve for any cold chicken from Whole Foods or to-go from Pork & Beans or anywhere else.  But it only can be picnic chicken if eaten at a picnic.

Thanks Andrew. Kinda in love with your park. #shadyside #thecityunfolds #picniclife #mellonpark

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Garden roll in the garden at Pusadee’s.  They should kick off the start to any proper meal at the best patio in PGH.

This is summer.

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Friday donuts at Bluebird Kitchen.  Flavors like peach cream filled with cinnamon sugar and matcha green tea give us yet another reason for the countdown to Friday.

All the food trucks at Bakery Square Beach Party.  It’s nearly impossible to keep track of our favorite food trucks like Driftwood Kitchen, BRGR, PGH Po’Boy, Franktuary, Muddy Waters and more.  So Bakery Square is making it easy by inviting them all alongside a $20 all-you-can-drink craft beer wristband to their Beach Party on July 21 from 5-9p.

Can we rewind to Friday? #BkSqsummer

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Anything from the raw bar at Union Standard. Served on ice and paired with one of their cocktails (and maybe one of their bar snacks like fried cauliflower) make for the start of a great night.

Little Kahuna from Grist House.  This sour ale is brewed with 200 pounds of pineapple and makes for perfect patio sipper.

Summer Green Juice at Reed & Co. With produce nearing its peak for the year, this is the time to chase that green juice down and we head to this newer Lawrenceville shop for our fix.  Also, you can’t always eat donuts and pizza.

#reed_and_co SUMMER GREEN with 🍉🥒🍃 now ready. 🚗🚴‍♀️🛴?

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Rosé at Allegheny Wine Mixer. Before everyone jumped on the rosé train, the amazingly friendly staff at AWM were serving up several varieties by the glass and its only grown since then including a mix of still and sparkling.

Pelaquie Tavel Rose. Loved by

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Sticky buns at Morcilla.  The new brunch menu here is spectacular throughout but the marcona almond-studded sticky bun makes all other sticky buns insignificant.

Panzanella salads at Piccolo Forno or Dianoia’s. With summer is full swing, it’s all about the tomato and both of these salads (though different) let the fruit shine.

Fries from Potato Patch.  This is exactly how we feel when we eat these fries.  You get us Ava.

Ava's legitimate reaction to Potato Patch fries 🙏🏽😍😂

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